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How Proper Ventilation Can Help Reduce HVAC System Maintenance 

How Proper Ventilation Can Help Reduce HVAC System Maintenance 

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  • October 22, 2018

In the south, attics often stay warm—and this is true even once the temperatures cool down—so it is imperative that your attic has adequate ventilation. With proper attic ventilation, you can reduce the overall wear and tear on your HVAC system, while also reducing the maintenance that is needed on the system in the short- and long-term.

Not only will adequate attic ventilation keep your HVAC system performing well, but it will also reduce the amount of stress that the system experiences over the course of winter. Here are a few reasons why attic ventilation needs to be a priority.

Why Attic Ventilation Is So Important

There are three main reasons that attic ventilation is so important: moisture reduction, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. Your heating and air conditioning system works extremely hard to ensure that your home is kept at ideal temperatures. However, when the attic is hot, it directly interferes with your HVAC system’s ability to maintain ideal temperatures throughout the home.

During the summer months, your home’s air conditioner experiences additional stress as it attempts to keep the attic at a cooler temperature. During the winter, the exact opposite occurs. When the temperatures in the attic are consistently high, the heating system is unable to properly heat the remainder of your home. If your attic consists of proper ventilation during the winter, it will be able to draw in cool air while allowing the hot air to escape. 

You  may be familiar with how a constant high temperature in the attic impacts your home’s structural integrity. Essentially, it compromises the material layer that is beneath the shingles on your roof. This layer of material will dry out and become brittle. In other words, your roofing materials will prematurely age as a result of the buildup of heat in the attic.

Yet another issue that you have as a result of a poorly ventilated attic is moisture. Moisture will accumulate in the attic, and without any way to escape the space, it will cause significant damage to the insulation in the attic.

How Air Degree Can Help Your Ventilation System

Our certified technicians will assist in determining the most appropriate method to decrease ort increase the amount of ventilation in your home’s attic. Ideally, an attic will have equal amounts of air coming and going from the space. Some of the most common ways that Air Degree will improve attic ventilation are as follows:

  • Install or boost insulation
  • Install and maintain attic fans
  • Seal air ducts
  • Seal the home’s thermal envelope

The way that attic fans work is very simple. They work to draw cooler air from the outside of the home into the attic through vents. They will also push any hot air from inside the attic outside the home, which leaves your attic much cooler.

When you are ready to improve your home’s attic ventilation, contact the licensed technicians at Air Degree. We will inspect and diagnose any attic ventilation issues and suggest the most appropriate ways to improve your attic ventilation. Once airflow can improve in your attic, you can sit back and watch your HVAC system perform much more efficiently, increasing you and your family’s comfort and saving you money. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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